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Caught up in the 2014 NBA Draft whirlwind, I got the chance to sit in on a few of the media scrums around Green Room invites; some realistic targets within the Grizzlies’ range, and others just downright interesting to listen to. As the day progresses, I’ll be dropping a few little nuggets from these encounters.

Up next is Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State, who you can read about in depth here.

Photo: Kevin Jairaj / USA Today Sports

School: Oklahoma State
Height: 6’3
Weight: 227
Class: Sophomore
Age: 20

Okay, so Smart is in no way shape or form in the Grizzlies’ draft range, but a man can dream, right? As you’ll find out via the 3 Shades of Blue Master Big Board that is set to drop later today, I’m probably a bit higher on the potential translation of his game than most, and that’s probably even an understatement. What Smart brings to the table is the game of a combo guard with enough point skills to presumably run the spot full-time, and the frame to do so with a degree of strength and brutality (I mean that in a good way) possessed by few of his peers, even those already at the NBA level. Just for kicks, I spent some time at his table to hear what he had to say.

Due to the unique nature of his style for the guard position, I quizzed him on his optimal preference for a backcourt running mate. Like a true professional, however, he ducked the question gracefully, essentially stating that he can find a way to win with anybody by his side. Well played. Additionally in the audio below, he talks on the dynamic of him returning to Oklahoma State, and responds to speculation on the Lebron James situation.

Be sure to check back shortly for some more of the Prospect Plunge. And give me a shout on Twitter @StevieDanziger for some live Draft Day coverage!

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