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Before I start this article let me send out this word of warning first.  If you are at work, please wait until you get off work to read this.  If you have small children, send them to their rooms and close the door.  If you are pregnant or wearing a heart monitor please close your browser.  If you are standing, please find a comfortable seat.  And please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while reading this on your smart phone.  Ok, now that I am no longer liable for anyone’s reactions, I can jump into this edition of Noise From The Asylum with a clear conscience.  I can now prepare you all for a reality that I know that none of you may be prepared to accept.  A reality that even though it may seem bleak, is a situation that I am here to help all of Grizz Nation to overcome – The reality that Tayshaun Prince more than likely will be back next season playing for the Memphis Grizzlies….I will give you a moment…


Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

Ok, now that we’ve gotten the most difficult part out of the way, lets get into the part that I promised.  The tools that you will have to use to overcome Temp-Tayshaun, or in other words, The Bright Side of Things.  Make sure to save this link in your favorites and share it with as many Grizz fans as possible.  I’m sure that it will be needed often during the season in the event that Prince does something drastic or extreme like actually get significant playing time or even worse if Coach Joerger decides that he should be a ST—– …nah I couldn’t even talk my fingers into typing that.  So here we go.


Remember It’s Only Temporary

Even if the Grizzlies don’t make a move to deal the 12 year veteran Prince, please remember and find peace in the fact that its only temporary.  Prince is in the final year of his contract this year.  So at the worst you have one season of Tayshaun left to endure.  Say it with me, “It’s Only Temporary…” Very good


Prince’s Contract Get’s More And More Valuable Everyday

As the season progresses and the Grizz pay towards the $8 million still owed to Prince, his contract becomes more and more valuable.  Basically because at the the trade deadline a team can acquire an expiring contract that only has a balance so to speak of about 4-4.5 million dollars left on it since the Grizz would have already paid him up until that point.  The Grizz don’t merely want to dump Tayshaun, they want some type of tangible basketball related return as well.  Tayshaun’s contract could be a valuable piece of a trade that could land a major asset if it is used correctly and wisely.

Prince Is An Asset To The Team In The Locker Room

From what I’ve heard, Tayshaun is simply a player that is well respected and genuinely well liked in the locker room.  Players supported him when he was booed by the fans earlier this season and are always visibly excited when he does well on the court.  He has an NBA title and that alone has gained him respect from the team.  It was said last season that he was a huge asset to then first year coach Dave Joerger as far as helping him to gain a voice with the team.  Prince, a man of faith,  leads the team in prayer, initiates chapel attendance, and can be viewed as an overall spiritual leader for the team.

Prince Actually Could Contribute To The Team On The Court

Assuming of course that Coach Dave Joerger only plays Tayshaun limited minutes and doesn’t start him it won’t be the worst thing in the world for Tayshaun to actually get some playing time.  If he is only used as a different look on defense from time to time you have to consider that a plus.  Prince, age 34, is the same age as Mike Miller, only a year older than Zach Randolph, 2 years older than Tony Allen and 3 years younger than Vince Carter.  Is it beyond belief that especially with a reduced role that Prince may be able to contribute in even a minor way?  I think its safe to say that the fanbase’s major issue last season was that he not only started but played a ton of minutes.  Can’t we all just hope that with the help of shooting coach John Townsend, who worked a miracle with Nick Calathes, that he can knock down a few more shots that normally would have clanked off of the rim?  If he does end of getting minutes can we assume that he can block a shot, get a go-go gadget rebound or two and call it a night?


Photo: RantSports.Com

Photo: RantSports.Com


Ok, so now you have it.  All of the tools that you need to get through the season in the event that Tayshaun Prince is still with us this season.  Think positive thoughts and speak positive things.  Close your eyes and imagine Quincy Pondexter, Vince Carter and even Tony Allen splitting the minutes at small forward and doing well.  Imagine a trade before the deadline that lands us a young promising wing.  Don’t panic, don’t overreact and enjoy the Artist Currently Known as Prince as long as he is here. Look at the bright side, its easier to overcome Temp-Tayshaun than Long Term-Tayshaun.


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