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Best thing to happen to me all day?

I had the pleasure of hearing Hubie Brown utter the phrase “the painted area”. Aural bliss for any basketball fan.

Also, there was a good ol’ knockdown-dragout basketball game at the FedEx Forum.

It’d be quite possible to talk about this game until dawn…but I’ve gotta ride 40 miles then work seven hours tomorrow, so a teeny bit of brevity will have to play into this discussion.

Impossible to condense into a few thoughts…but here’s my best attempt…


Okay, that’s it…bedtime.

Just kidding, but the Grizzlies obviously came prepared to see just how far they could push the mismatches they knew they’d find in that fabled painted area, and push they did. Over and over again. Gasol had 24 points, with half of those coming from the foul line. That is a Gasol game, no doubt about it. Due to foul trouble along with a complete inability to stop Marc, the Knicks threw four or five different defenders at him, including the venerably irritating Rasheed Wallace (who did the best of the bunch, channeling his inner ’04 Piston with a great combination of footwork and Bowen hands).

Conley with 16 and 8 and only two TO’s. That contract doesn’t look quite so bad now, does it (it actually didn’t at the time)?

Huh. Zach Randolph had 20 and 15. that a yellow orb rising in the eastern sky? It’s hard to say much about ZBo’s performance from game to game…’cuz it’s always the same. Matters not who defends him, tall, not tall, bulky, skinny, this guy wants that ball. Will he continue to average 14 boards per game? It’s not as crazy as it might sound. His consistency is just astounding. Sometimes he’s “loud”, sometimes not, but he’s always there.

The aforementioned mismatches played a larger role than just allowing the Grizzlies to score a bunch of points-they also helped the Griz get WAAAYYY into the Knicks’ heads in the third quarter. Just as the Griz were able to frustrate the Thunder into a total loss of poise (Zach’s still chasing you Kendrick, better keep running), they were able to just, well, grind the Knicks into submission. Yes, there were nervous moments in Q4-but with the home team having enjoyed an advantage north of 20 points a time or two during the game, “getting it to single digits” was the Knicks’ death rattle for this contest. It took everything they had to pull it that close, and the Rudy three, then the Rudy dunk slammed the door.

Again with the mismatches-when a team as good at the pick-and-roll (MY LORD DID I JUST TYPE THAT) as the Grizzlies gets to work its bigs on overmatched defenders (or excellent defenders in foul trouble), it compounds the trouble opposing teams have stopping the “brothers from another mother” (tip o’ cap to Brevin Knight for his fave phrase). The chemistry between Gasol/Randolph/Conley is working as well as it ever has (yes, even the ’11 playoff run).

Distressing? Giving up 51 percent shooting, losing the TO battle. No game is perfect.

Heat at home, Thunder in OKC, and Knicks at home, ALL BY DOUBLE DIGITS. Is this the best Grizzlies team ever?

Don’t look now, butthe Grizzlies have a time-zone B2B tomorrow against a Charlotte team who’s not as bad as some might think. As Admiral Ackbar might say…”IT’S A TRAP”.

One might even say that tomorrow’s game will tell us as much about the Grizzlies as this game did…

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6 Responses to WOW. Yet Another Win…Knicks No Longer Undefeated. Grizzlies Win AGAIN.

  1. All wroten all dayNo Gravatar says:

    It’s almost unbelievable to see this so early. I don’t want to (but still will) get caught up in this moment in basketball history. Grit heart and grind. We finally have a bench so deep we can rely on a different bench player to preform night in and night out. Just wait till Arthur comes back. Go grizz go grizz go grizz.

  2. All wroten all dayNo Gravatar says:

    I canno wait for the power ranking to come out again soon. No. 1 power ranking? First time ever? I cannot contain my excitement

  3. All wroten all dayNo Gravatar says:

    Also I have worn my believe headband since the clippers loss. I won’t wash it and will wear it every game for the rest of the season.

  4. AndyNo Gravatar says:


    ,,,and to think, some people on this forum were calling for Lionel to be fired just five short months ago.

  5. AussieGNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t enjoy the early games of the season but since the Bucks game.. I have LOVED watching this team play.. and the last 3 games have been like a DREAM.

    Amazing to see the Grizzlies play such great basketball. Especially when Hube commentates.. Go Grizz!

  6. Anonymous Grizz FanNo Gravatar says:

    You know what’s utterly crazy? The 3 guys in our front court are all having all-star caliber seasons so far and I think the guy that deserves the most credit is Conley; dude can do absolutely everything. What a season so far.
    I feel a letdown in Charlotte tonight is inevitable. I hope I’m wrong. Either way, we learned this week the Grizz can beat absolutely anybody in this league, and they can do it in a multitude of ways.

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