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Both of whom traded him for NOTHING just to get rid of him. Talented, tough, tenacious, and a TOTAL headache, evidently.

Ok. Enough about Lowry, who was not quite fast enough to beat Mike Conley out of that now-folkloric locked room of Grizzlies PG’s a few seasons back.

Yes, it was about the third quarter, and harassing and frustrating YET ANOTHER team into missing shot after shot, committing chippier and chippier fouls…but there was something that happened this game that was oh-so-welcome…

…hello, Mr. Speights, nice to see you, good to have you back. 18 and 12 for the former Gator on 7-11 shooting and a great effort at avoiding further foul trouble after picking up three in what seemed like his first minute of floor time. To look at the Raps’ record, one might think that Mo was able to put up numbers playing against a lesser team…but Ed Davis and Amir Johnson in particular have enough length to bug a guy like Speights, and a battle tank like Aaron Gray can make life tough by his very existence.

An aside…a couple seasons ago, there was a rare home-and-home back-to-back for the Griz, with the Hornets and the Raptors as the opponents, and for both games, I somehow scored tickets under the goal two or three rows up from the floor. I remember thinking at the time “wow, if this Derozan learns to shoot, the world is in trouble”. This Derozan has learned to shoot, and the world is in trouble. A gain in mental focus to complement his already-impressive shooting and his already-exemplary slashing ability would catapult this young man into the upper echelon of the NBA.

Mike Conley looked *mostly* back to his old self, although I’m sure that bed is gonna feel good for him tonight. Bayless had an ok night with zero turnovers in 17 minutes, but his shot still has not come back to him as yet. Both Grizzlies PG’s moved the ball well, and 28 assists on 38 made FG’s backs up what we all saw-the Griz’ execution was much better this game than in the victory over Cleveland Monday, and a lack of Anderson Varejao had a decent bit to do with that.

Still lacking a bit of flow from the bench, but the Grizzlies definitely got it together more quickly this game than they did Monday.

Can’t wait for the Pistons game Friday-Monroe, Drummond, Knight, etc…good young team. Another test for the Grizzlies, especially as the Pistons will be feeling good after a 117-77 (!!!!11!1!!) victory over PHX tonight.

Will another long, energetic, young frontline give the Grizzlies trouble?

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  2. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    Grizz might have something to worry about with the upcoming game against the Spurs. Pop decided to not only sit, but send home (back to Texas) four of their best players tonight, instead of having them play against the Heat, they can now be fully rested for the game against our Grizzlies. So now the Grizzlies have to worry about a fully rested Manu, Timmy, Tony Parker and Danny Green. Pop said he planned this little roster change when he saw the season schedule, but it makes me wonder if he is just wanting the best chance to get a leg up on us for the season series.

    David Stern has responded to the suprising roster change, saying “the Spurs will face substantial sanctions for their approach to the game”. I have faith in the ability of our Grizzlies players and staff, and I know they will be ready for this upcoming game, but that being said, I am getting a bit tired of Pop playing the system like this. He might be a genius for doing things like this, but it does not mean the fans are going to be happy, I mean we are missing out on a seriously good game of Spurs big 3 Vs. Miami’s big 3 due to something that wont have any effect until the end of the season, its frustrating.

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