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So what’s going on out east this week, you ask?

Who’s balling:

– The Charlotte ‘Cats.  A tip of the hat to the guys out in Charlotte, as it took them a grand total of 12 games, this season, to attain the same number in the win column as they posted through 66 last year.  It’s difficult not to feel bad for them and their fans after the season that they’ve been through.

– The Atlanta Hawks have won their last 5 contests as they’re learning to jive together in the post Joe Johnson era.  Kyle Korver is firing from beyond the arc at the moment, and Al Horford is regaining his form.  Then of course, there’s this kid in their crowd… the link is a bit PG-13 for the faint of heart.

– As usual, the Miami Heat have hit stride and are running an onslaught on anybody not named the Grizzlies, Clippers, or the Knicks.  They had to squeak out the most recent victories over Cleveland and Milwaukee, but a win is a win, and Ray Allen’s clutch shooting has been a great addition to an already dominant team.

Who’s stock is falling:

– The Washington Wizards are (still) the sole winless team in the NBA, and things (still) do not look to be getting any better for some time. John Wall is still out with little timetable set for his return, and the forthcoming schedule appears unforgiving.  This is the same post as last week, and things have not changed for them.  By the mercy rule, regardless of how they perform, I promise to keep them out of this section next week.

– The Milwaukee Bucks are still seated atop the central division, but after three straight defeats, this position is in jeopardy.  With the Chicago Bulls knocking at their doorstep, and a second straight bout between the two coming up next, the stage is set for an interesting matchup on Monday.

– The Philadelphia 76ers are looking pretty decent in the win/loss column, but the situation surrounding Andrew Bynum’s knees is becoming more and more bleak by the second.  According to Bynum, his knee was aggrivated by the fact that he went bowling recently. Between this news, getting lit up by Jeremy Pargo, and a deflating overtime loss to Oklahoma City on Saturday night, morale is trending downward in Philly.

A few sweet reads by our TrueHoop brethren:

– The Magic Basketball blog, is already looking at Shabazz Muhammad and the 2013 draft lottery.

– Heat Index acknowledges Udonis Haslem’s surpassing of Alonzo Morning as the franchise’s all-time leader in rebounds, with a great piece on his journey to where he is today.

– The writers at the Bulls blog, By the Horns, take a good look at what’s going on with their bench in the aftermath of the dismantling of their wildly effective Bench Mob.

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One Response to Eastern Connections

  1. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    The bucks were looking great, but have been having issues of late. And after last nights game, they might be in some trouble, Brandon Jennings rolled his ankle late in the game and he was in a lot of pain, suggesting it is worse than it looked.

    As for some of the other teams out east, The Nets are playing pretty well thus far this season, and they scare me a bit, as do the Celtics, call it a gut feeling but I see those two teams continuing to do well.

    And then there is Miami, I am a Heat fan to a certain degree, Mike Miller is still THE MAN as far as I am concerned, and Shane Battier will always be one of the good guys in my eyes, no matter the team he plays for. That being said, only the Heat can be 10-3 and still seem like they are slacking compared to last year. I dont know why, but right now, I do not see them repeating as the champs if they keep playing this way.

    The Grizz on the other hand….. Fingers crossed for a healthy season, thats as far as im going for the time being. I just hope our guys can ALL stay healthy for a change, because we will be needing everyone on our team at some point.

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