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I’ve come not to praise the 2011-12 Grizzlies, but to bury them. They underachieved, plain and simple. A lost season and a missed opportunity to position themselves as a contender. The 2012-13 Grizz will look different from the past 2 years, although at this point it’s hard to say whether the team will have minor cosmetic surgery or something more serious. Just in case Chris Wallace is scouring blogs again for advice, here’s my 2 cents on what should be done.

First and foremost, put me in the Trade Rudy Gay camp.

Now, I don’t blame Rudy for the Clippers series, and I don’t suggest trading him for his underwhelming performance. Granted, it’s hard to separate the concept of trading Rudy Gay from the 2012 Playoffs, but I’m going to try to do just that.

The case for trading Rudy Gay is built upon different lines of reasoning. One reason is the aforementioned 2012 Playoffs, although I would lay the majority of the blame for the Clippers flop (see what I did there) at the feet of Lionel Hollins and Chris Wallace (although you should keep reading this Chris).

A secondary reason for trading Rudy Gay is that he cannot co-exist with Zach Randolph. Chris Herrington has debunked this over and over again, so just go read point 4 here for context.

The reason to trade Rudy Gay isn’t a new issue, it’s just a recurring Grizzlies issue that’s never fully been addressed. I implored the Grizz to avoid giving Rudy Gay a big contract for several reasons.

1. I feared a large Rudy contract would come at the expense of Marc Gasol (didn’t happen, obviously).

2. I feared a large Rudy contract would come at the expense of O.J. Mayo (about to happen, although this is no longer a concern given O.J.’s regression).

3. I feared that a large Rudy contract would keep the team from being able to field a suitable bench given the financial restraints of being a small market team (about to happen).

The last two Grizzlies seasons have proven that the team needs the following things:

1. A suitable backup point guard

2. A reliable 3-point threat to spread the floor for the Randolph/Gasol tandem

3. Wing players that know their role

4. A backup center

The Grizz had a suitable backup point guard in Greivis Vasquez but traded him for Quincy Pondexter. (This hurt the 2012 Grizz more than Rudy Gay ever did). This should be a non-issue yet, in typical Grizz fashion, it is.

Second, the Grizzlies have needed a 3-point threat for two years and haven’t even tried to fulfill this need. Why, uh, I’m not sure. Ask Chris Wallace.

Third, I’m not a big fan of the small forward. To me, the small forward is the easiest position in the NBA to skimp on. Championship teams are traditionally built around a low post/scoring guard combination and most teams just fill the small forward position with a glue guy (Bruce Bowen/Shane Battier/etc.) and move on. You can find a 3-point shooter/defender and plug them in pretty easily. The only time a small forward is worth investing in is if you have a top 10 player (LeBron/Carmelo/Paul Pierce/etc.). The second tier small forwards are Fools’ Gold (Rudy Gay, Tayshaun Prince, Rashard Lewis). Teams see enough potential that they end up overpaying at the one position that can be sacrificed. What the Grizzlies truly need is a defense first small forward and a shooting guard that can spread the floor/create his own shot if needed. The Grizz have neither. Rudy Gay is a shoot first small forward and Tony Allen is, well, Tony Allen.

Fourth, while Hamed Haddadi is a fan favorite and well worth the cheap roster spot, he shouldn’t be the team’s only legit backup center. Then again, if Gasol gets injured, the team is screwed anyway, so I’m not overly worried about this.

Ultimately, the Grizz can’t fix the above leaks without spending. But they can’t spend without getting rid of someone. Let’s assume that the Grizzlies let Mayo walk, resign Darrell Arthur or Marreese Speights (not both), resign Haddadi for cheap and don’t sell their draft pick. Are you confident that the below lineup can win 8+ games in the playoffs next year? And Grizzlies fans should not accept anything less than Conference Finals expectations.








Randolph/Arthur or Speights/Cunningham


Gasol/Arthur or Speights/Haddadi

The starting lineup is still strong, and there’s serviceable bench players in Pondexter, Cunningham and Arthur/Speights, but the team above, as constructed, has a ceiling of the Second Round of the Playoffs. It’s one Conley injury away from the lottery (2008 Chris Avis just died typing that). And as much as I like the Gasol/Z-Bo tandem, what will stop teams from just clogging the paint at will? As much as Tony Allen is beloved, he’s as much harm as good. For any defense he brings, he takes away offensively, and he’s crazy too.

The only way the team above improves is if Selby makes a leap and the team somehow strikes gold with their late draft pick, which history does not favor.

Heading into next season with the above roster intact and a few role player changes is a safe play and pretty much ensures another playoff trip, but is that enough? Isn’t it time to go ahead and swing for the fences? If the Grizz play it safe and next season ends in disappointment, we’ll be right back here again, asking the same questions after another lost season. Who will believe then?

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42 Responses to Why Trade Rudy Gay

  1. calvin lockettNo Gravatar says:

    First of all let me say you bring up some good points in your article, but let’s face some facts that seemed to have been missed. I have been following and supporting the Grizz since their move to Memphis just so you understand I am no fair weather fan. I have been following the NBA for the last 37 years and I think the Grizz can honestly been a Championship caliber team because it all begins with defense. I look at the each and every one of the Grizz personnel with skepticism. Did you suddenly forget Z-Bo’s defensive limitations and offensive explosions in last year seemed to happen around the same time as his last contract was expiring and he stopped appearing in the press (at least negatively) about his off court escapades. Did we forget about Mike Conley’s consistent inability to take the offense by the horns when they struggle and say “Run this play because we need a bucket”. Marc’s lack of assertiveness (understand it’s becuse he thinks team first), but some of the time you have to impose your will on the other team. TA brings it every night on defense but when you are missing two to three open layups a night and get a tech for delay of game it’s no issue until you team loses by two to four points. Rudy needs to not worry about what the press say his game needs to be about but play like he has a chip on his shoulder because whether you like it or not he is the only player on the roster who wants and makes the big shots and is willing to take the bullet and man up when he misses. I didn’t get OJ Mayo because my mom said if you didn’t have anything good to say don’t say sh!$. And can you tell me you agree with Hollins push to get rid of Vasquez or Wallace’s drafting of redundant personnel (Lowry/Conley/Selby) without addressing the team’s needs (three point shooter, another shot blocker, another scorer) have placed us where we are now. If you think trading Rudy and turning the keys over to Zac/Marc then you are living half a lie. I’m trading Zac for a YOUNGER & CHEAPER player (Greg Monroe, Kris Humphries or Derrick Favors) more in line with my team’s core. The Grizz have room for improvement but it’s going to start with a hard look in the mirror by the players asking one simple question: Did I give the fans their money’s worth EVERY night?

  2. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    I disagree and am honestly tired of reading the trade Rudy posts. I agree with the previously stated idea that the team needs a full season of a healthy Rudy and a healthy Z-bo before you know with any level of certainty that the team can’t progress in the playoffs with both of them.

    I do agree that certain star players have over-inflated the value of the 3 spot, but that doesn’t mean you should trade down to a role player when you already have a quality talent at the position.

    The core problem with Rudy in my opinion is his defense. I’ll give him credit for improving over the years, but he still seems to take plays off and becomes a defensive liability at times. Defense boils down to effort, energy, and a deep desire to win, all of which I think Rudy has. We should trust one of the best coaches in te NBA to get the most out of Rudy. We don’t advance in the playoffs without him on the roster next year.

    We need to draft a sharp shooting, defensive minded SG. OJ doesn’t add nearly the value to this team as people seem to think he does. I think the lack of consistent production at the 2 hurts us much more than our 3 position.

    I would like to see some in depth analysis on players we should take in te upcoming draft.

  3. ScottNo Gravatar says:


    If you think the Grizz are going to be able to trade Zach Randolph for Greg Monroe, Kris Humphries (would have to be a sign and trade), or Derrick Favors I think you are living half a lie – and I say that with all due respect.

  4. ScottNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with most of the above. I do not think the financial implications are getting enough consideration especially considering Heisley has said the Grizzlies will not be in the business of paying luxury tax.

    Trading Z-Bo is not an option because no team will take him on for nearly $50M over the next 3 years at his age, with his injury and personal history. If they do, the Grizzlies are getting far below market value in return – forget about Greg Monroe or Derrick Favors.

    If I were Chris Wallace, I’d be on the phone with Sacramento and Toronto trying to get a couple of young players, their 1st round pick, and significant salary cap space to address the needs of:

    1) back up point guard
    2) 3 point shooting
    3) back up bigs

  5. Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Very spirited commentary there, Chris . . .

    I am one of those that acknowledges the asterisk on this season. Put it wherever you want — with Zach going down so early; or simply on the fact that a 66-game season added up to some really sloppy basketball and a ton of injuries league wide early on. For those two reasons alone, I think it’s premature to make knee-jerk changes on such a strange season.

    That said, in hindsight, moving Greivis was the wrong move, although Pondexter played well and I liked having him on the team. Greivis could have been both that steady backup PG as well as a 3-pt threat. We just don’t know now.

    But I return to what I personally consider the elephant in the room — Coach Hollins’ decision to reinsert Zach Randolph into the starting lineup at the very end of the season.

    I understand that it was probably messing with Zach’s head, coming off the bench. But the team chemistry was clicking with Mo Speights starting, and even is Zach didn’t like it, it was awesome to bring the one-two-three offensive punch of ZBo, O.J. & Arenas off the bench.

    Shuffling the lineup like that threw off team chemistry, and THAT is what cost the Grizzlies that first round series with the Clippers. Had we won that series (and lets be real here, probably lost to San Antonio in six games), I imagine the calls to blow up the team would be a lot quieter.

    We have a good team. Let’s see what a full season of basketball — and a full season of Zach & Rudy together — bring us before blowing up the team.

  6. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Is there any chance that either Zach’s or Rudy’s contract gets restructured so that we can afford to upgrade our team this year without losing one of them?

    If Zach and Rudy are team first and all about getting a ring, shouldn’t they as people and NBA players maybe consider restructuring?

    Didn’t Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce do something similar a few years ago and win a championship?

    I understand that they earned the contracts (in some way or another) and that we (Chris Wallace) was foolhardy in giving them such enormous contracts, but shouldn’t we fans have some validity in mentioning why these two guys under 30(ish) that have made about 45 million dollars a piece over the past 3 years should maybe give this city a break?

    I know it’s not that simple, but it should be.

    Rudy/Zach speaking to Chris Wallace:
    “Hey you can cut out 3 mill of my salary next year so we can go get some players to help us win a championship.”

    • ScottNo Gravatar says:

      That is a great idea but it is not permitted in the NBA. All contracts are guaranteed and fixed unless there are team or player options. There are no options until 2014-15 for Zach or Rudy and both options are player. If either player opted out they would not be able to resign for one calendar year.

      • ScottNo Gravatar says:

        *in the last sentence above, I said “If either player opted out they would not be able to resign for one calendar year.”

        I meant to say “If team and player agreed to a buyout they would not be able to resign for one calendar year.”

  7. TJNo Gravatar says:

    Grizzle need to get in on the Dwight Howard trade to Brooklyn.
    they could send:
    Rudy to Orlando
    Selby to Brooklyn

    Orlando send Howard to Brooklyn

    Brooklyn send:
    Gerald Wallace and Anthony Morrow to Memphis
    Lopez to Orlando

    That would give Memphis a more defensively minded 3 and a legit 3 point threat

  8. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you, Cavis, for writing what I have been thinking for a long time. I agree with your analysis and also think this season was not as great as some on here have been saying. Sure they had a successful regular season but playing all your starters for 35-40 minutes a game had a lot to do with that. With his 3 year plan, Heisley made his promise four years ago that the Griz would be in contention for a championship. This season they had all their starters there and could not even beat the Clips who were playing triage players during the series.
    I think Hollins made a major mistake with Mayo. By benching him in favor of Tony Allen, disrupted their progression as a team. Allen is a defensive stopper, a backup, not a starter.
    Mayo’s once promising future was stopped and his confidence eroded to the point where he was nothing like the player he was his rookie season. Hollins/Wallace made the decision to develop Conley at the detriment of Mayo’s development. Now, there is no way Mayo can be integrated back into this team after he made the statement/demand that he wants to be a starting pg. In a way that statement was his way of saying “get me out of this current situation and on another team.”
    Back to Rudy. I agree that if the current players they have coming back, minus Mayo, they still will not be that much better. They need financial freedom in order to develop a team with talented depth. Allen should not be starting no matter how much people gush about his defense. He is an offensive liability. Should have kept Mayo as a starter but that is water under the bridge now.
    I like Chris Herrington’s suggestion at getting someone like Eric Gordon at the SG position. They can only sign him if they decide to trade one of their megasalaries.
    I like this idea too: Sign and trade Mayo for Beasely. Then they have a starting 3 that they could get on the cheap. Trade Rudy for a high draft pick and a very good backup PG and center.
    With the savings sign Eric Gordon, a free agent this year.
    With the draft pick, go after the best available, preferably a PF they could develop to replace Zbo in a few years.
    This team as presently fielded is no where near as good as the Thunder or Spurs. It will always be a second tiered team without a trade of one of their megasalaries to let them get more of a complete team.

  9. louisNo Gravatar says:

    First of all, anyone who is a NBA all defense first teamer and is in contention to be the defensive player of the year as a guard should most definately start for whatever team he is playing for. Second, I’m in agreement with Lee. Let’s see what this team does with a healthy Zack and Rudy in the lineup. Also, to adress the OJ leaving situation… this is exactly who we should pick for in the draft.

    And I’m saying that as a Tennessee fan who hates Vandy.

  10. Grizzfan85No Gravatar says:

    I will agree with Louis and say that we need to take someone who can at least be a three point threat by averaging 40% from beyond the arc (memphis flyer reference). Our best three point shooter can’t only hit 36% and us expect to win it all.

  11. andrewNo Gravatar says:

    i agree with the article! we wont get anywhere with rudy gay thinking that he is best player on the team. The move that i would make is to trade rudy gay, mike conley, and our first round pick for deron williams. that way we bring in a legit all-star who can both shoot and pass, as well as run an offense through the post. z-bo and marc will then be able to kick it out to williams and we can run the inside-out game that got us far into the playoffs 2 years ago….get it done wallace. this aint brain surgery. ps. also agree trading away vasquez for poindexter was completely asinine

  12. EmazinNo Gravatar says:

    Rudy Gay the “Fallguy”

    Why take 1 step forward (getting the bench help) by
    taking 3 steps back (trading Rudy for the bench help).
    We need to keep the core together for atleast one more year to see what they can do healthy. Memphians sure have short-term memory problems it was only 2 yrs ago when we were on the outside looking in when it came playoff time.

    Now after 2 seasons of MAKING the playoffs we are ready to blowup the core because we aren’t hanging a banner?!? that is insane. Everyone needs to pump the brakes and give our guys a little more time to get over the hump.

    All of these people promoting trading of Rudy are just Rudy-haters. They are just using the money situation as an excuse to get rid of a player they don’t like. Rudy and Mike were the only two consistent Grizz in the Playoffs. His shooting percentages in the playoffs are no worse than Melo’s Wades’ Kobe’s Harden’s Pierces Lebrons.

    To your point of The last two Grizzlies seasons have proven that the team needs the following things:

    1. A suitable backup point guard

    2. A reliable 3-point threat to spread the floor for the Randolph/Gasol tandem

    3. Wing players that know their role

    4. A backup center

    What do all of these roles have in common? Yes they are BACKUPS/BENCH players! You do not get rid of a potential proven star player for role players unless you are going into rebuilding mode. Every last one of those positions can be filled by draft picks journeymen and inexpensive FA’s. Front Office should not fill any of those roles with anyone costing more than 2mil a year.

    As far as Rudy not fitting with the team? What games are people watching when they come to that conclusion? This year Mike Rudy Zbo Marc and Tony/OJ was ranked as the top 7 starting five in the league. Mike tony Rudy Marc and Zbo had a +55 this season. When OJ was in the starting lineup 2yrs ago we had the top 5 scoring starting 5 in the league.

    Rudy isn’t a problem he is one of the solutions. We need to be a versatile we won’t win anything only being an Inside/Out team you have to have the personnel to be versatile enough when a defense takes away our strengths.

    All this whining and moaning about Greives is ridiculous too. He averaged over 3TO’s a game against Clippers this season for NO. He got killed by there backcourt just like OJ. Qpon is a much better player and fit for our team.

    Here are the reasons we loss Clippers series:
    -Coaching Bad substitutions Not fouling Reggie Evans
    – OJ MIA after game 2 and he took with him bench production
    – Rudy Isos poor shot selection
    – Fatigue for Marc Zbo Mike and Rudy because Coach played them too many minutes
    – Marc not being assertive till Game 5 basically a no show for 4 games
    – Zbo not being aggressive consistently or fighting for position. He took as many jumpers in series as Rudy.
    -Zbo demanding to be put into starting lineup and messing up chemistry
    -tony being an offensive liability and dumb fouls
    -not giving Pargo or Selby a chance ( no way they were any worse than OJ)
    – Waiting too late in series before giving Haddadi minutes
    -Zbo/Marc got outplayed by REGGIE EVANS AND 80yr old Kenyon Martin

    And with all of those issues we still only loss in 7 games to a team with a superstar on it CP3 because we couldn’t execute in the 4th qtrs. so yeah blowup the team by trading most versatile player with Elite level talent because you know small market teams like Memphis can get guys like that anytime we want. He will be easy to replace just get some more role players and keep throwing the ball into the paint even though every NBA coach/player/fan knows that’s our only offensive strategy and will politely let Zbo and Marc get the ball. Yea that’ll work.

    As far as Rudy’s defense goes we have Tony and Mike to cover perimeter defense. We really need a better Post defender to help Marc. He was by himself most of the year covering the paint. Mo and Zbo are liabilities in the paint.

    IMHO Zbo is more expendable than Rudy. Why does everyone forget that Zbo didn’t play well in the six games before he got injured I don’t think he played the same since he lost all that weight. I am more concerned about him coming back to form. Gasol has showed me that he can play effectively with just about any PF as long as they hustle.

  13. boNo Gravatar says:

    tony allen’s defense and effort have kicked the entire team, crowd , and city up the last 2 years.
    and how about those 4th qtr collapses vs clips with him on the bench????
    TA stays and plays. lots of minutes.
    defensive 1 team, also

  14. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    First – I love these type of threads..albeit this topic has gotten pretty long winded.

    I’ve been on & off board with trading Rudy for the better part of 3 years. He is the prototypical, “pay-for-athleticism-occasional-good-shots-and-dunks”(much like OJ Mayo will be this summer).

    He is not another Melo/ Lebron/ Pierce…he is correctly catagorized as a tier 2 – good but not great NBA SF.

    My hope for the team this summer is to double down on tenacity & team focused players by moving Gay & Sign&Trade Mayo.

    This is one of the deepest drafts, however, it is very risky in the front 9, solid in the middle, and again risky in the later first round.

    There are a few teams/ scenarios I think where the Grizz should be shopping Gay:

    UTAH – Gay for Millsaps & Hayward
    massive upgrade to UTAH starters – improve MEM bench/ defense

    HOU – Gay + warm body for Scola & C Parsons + 16th pick
    Houston gets Gay + Lowry + Martin…MEM gets a great 6th hustle man + an up and coming CHEAP stretch 4/3 combo. At 16, expect 2-3 better than decent guards

    CLE – Gay for Varejao + 1st Round Pick + (cap filler)
    CLE has a great young start with Irving, Gay, Thompson…MEM once again deepens that frontcourt with hustle/ intensity & can take Beal/ Kidd-Gilchrest/ Barnes as a scorer off the bench or start…

    ATL / ORL/ MEM – ATL gets Howard + Turk, MEM gets Josh Smith + 2 picks (19 & 23), ORL gets Horford & Gay..
    ATL should be pushing hard for Howard (local), ORL needs to get as much fire power as possible for Dwight & get rid of Turks contract, MEM replaces Gay with a cheaper, better defensive player + stacks the bench with value picks

    Just a few scenarios

    • Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

      That Houston trade would haunt us, as that lineup would compete with us for playoff seeding.

      I would trade almost any combination of wing players for Kevin Martin….talk about reliable scoring & 3 point shooting….

  15. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Do not, do NOT trade Rudy for Varejao. I would kill myself.

  16. wyattNo Gravatar says:

    do not trade rudy gay. end of story. we will be fine. we need arthur back. we need a damn 3 point shooter. we need a backup point guard. that is all.

  17. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    You are forgetting a major detail when talk about getting rid of Rudy. One of the major struggles that the Grizzlies had against the Thunder in last year’s playoffs, especially with their front line, was a lack of athleticism. Other than Conley offensively and Allen defensively, the Grizz didn’t have big time athletes that could get their own shots.Mayo and Arthur helped a bit in this department at times, but they are limited by their relative lack of size at their respective positions. Let’s face it. Rudy is by far and away the most athletic player on the team. He isn’t perfect, but he brings something to the table that isn’t as easy to replace as you say. If he is traded, that athleticism gap will have to be added to the list of things to address, as well.

    It boils down to this. A great coach would know how to better utilize his best assets. You can’t tell me that Rudy Gay can’t co-exist with our inside attack. We saw flashes of how he could fit in better when he was consistently going to the basket in quarters 1-3 of Game 7. Unfortunately, we have a coach who lacks either the tactical acumen, or the respect of the players, and can’t get the team on the same page and into a balanced offense. Lionel Hollins has proven himself to be an NBA Head Coach, but he definitely showed a lot of limitations in this postseason. The bottom line is that, if the Grizz want to stick with this core, they need to look for a better coach. That will cost more money, but it wouldn’t affect the luxury tax issue, so it would be money VERY well spent if it works.

    If Hollins stays, then trading Rudy may have to be the ultimate solution to the cap issue. Unfortunately, anyone who believes he is easily replaceable is fooling themselves. He isn’t. His absence will leave a void that won’t be filled by a back up PG, back up C and a 3 point shooter.

  18. CCNo Gravatar says:

    Who is/are you Cavis?
    A fairly condescending tirade if I must say.
    Some good X & O points but a bad ass attitude…
    Stir the negative pot if you will, which is obvious.
    Your Chris Wallace reference is a path down stoopidity man.
    You cut down Tony Allen too amongst other players…
    And you are? You just some peeps furious with your know-it-all smacktalk.
    I love our GRIZZ & I am out.

  19. CCNo Gravatar says:

    Also: learn how to write man…smh

  20. Lil HayahNo Gravatar says:

    so why not trade 30+year-old, can’t-beat-reggie-evans, Zach Randolph?

  21. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    The Grizzlies should make a deal w/ Toronto! They let it be known that they are after an elite SF and are willing to package the #8 pick/Calderon/maybe even Ed Davis to get Gay. Calderon (PG) avg. 10ppg/9apg/3rpg and is a good 3 point shooter w/ an expiring contract! Ed Davis 6ppg/6rpg (young PF w/ potential. #8 pick (Jeremy Lamb 6-5 SG, or Perry Jones 6-11 SF/PF,if we are really lucky Harrison Barnes 6-8 SF). This deal gets us a very good backup PG, a better replacement for Haddadi, potential to draft special young talent, free up money to resign Mayo (6th man, Arthur, MO)and maybe add another 3point shooter (Steve Novak)

    Next Year

    8th pick/Poindexter/Novak

  22. cavisNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, I don’t think people really understand that I suggest trading Rudy Gay because he’s our best asset (aside from Marc Gasol) and the easiest to replace. It’s not that I hate him. It’s not that I blame him for the playoffs. It’s just that the Grizzlies need financial space to field a better team. They can get anywhere from 2-4 quality players for Rudy’s salary.

  23. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Double amen the above. Zbo is not marketable and they are not going to amnesty him. Heisley won’t go luxury. Gasol would be harder to replace. Conley is okay with the salary he gets. They could get a much cheaper SF who would be more of a defense first player. They could get better assets with a trade.

  24. memphis81No Gravatar says:

    …It takes money to make money as they say…let’s not make a disastrous mistake ( dumping Rudy), to cover previous disastrous mistakes (various drafts). Plus I’d hate to see him in another jersey in the Forum with an axe to grind a la Kyle Lowry

  25. kasdNo Gravatar says:

    Bobcats offering the 2nd pick for Gay….if this is true….pick Kidd-Gilchrist who is a better defender-tougher player and 10th the cost of Gay. With the remaining money resign OJ, Arthur, MO….let Haddadi, Arenas walk….bring in Steve Novak (3point spec.), and maybe a vet backup pg like Delonte West, Andre Miller…or maybe even DJ Augustine thru the Bobcats deal.

    • MapkoNo Gravatar says:

      Gay for No 2 would be a steal for Griz, BUT one of T Thomas or D Diop MUST be included. Both are marginal players at best with sizeable contracts.
      Don’t forget. Gay is a solid (not an all star player) who makes all-star salary, thus you will not get value UNLESS you take back contracts (Charlotte with Thomas, GS with Biedrins….).
      Good luck (Raptor fan).

  26. RealistNo Gravatar says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree that trading Gay might be the best long-term move for the team. Given ownership’s unwillingness to become a luxury tax team and the desire to re-sign Mayo, Arthur and Speights, I see no other option.

    I like the idea of a trade with Toronto for #8, moreso even than one with Charlotte for #2. The rationale is that Toronto could offer some decent, young, cheap rotation players and allow us to free up as much as $11M in cap space, which Charlotte can’t.

    Ed Davis is a good young PF that could compete (or replace) Arthur as our backup PF. James Johnson is a defensive minded SF, who could give us at the SF position exactly what Allen provides at the SG position. If Toronto were to offer those 2 players, in addition to the #8 and #37 picks, we would free up $11M in cap space (not counting the salary for the extra draft pick). We should be able to draft a really good SF/SG (ie: Lamb, PJII or maybe even Barnes) or PG (ie: Lillard, Waiters or Marshall) prospect @ #8.

    We get: Davis & J.Johnson & #8 & #37
    We give: Gay

    I’d even be willing to add our own #25 pick to that deal, given all the young talent and significant cap space we’d be getting!

  27. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    Really like Realist’s thoughts…

    I think the Grizz really need to look at this for the LongTerm & ShortTerm of the franchise.

    James Johnson & or Ed Davis in addition to the #8 and Jose Calderon is a great move IMHO

    Calderon is basically a necessary part of the deal to make it financially make sense.

    Calderon could be perfect because A. He is great friends with Gasol, B. He is a playmaker and shooter, C. He could fill the dramatic void the Grizz have for a backup PG/ scoring guard.

    Ed Davis is not ready to be a starting PF, but he is a great prospect and would be able to offset the likely loss of Speights to FA or a Sign&Trade situation.

    Davis is also very cheap for the next 3 years, at which point Zbo will likely be done in MEM (due to age/ rising PF).

    The #8 is a great opportunity in a deep draft, by being outside the top 4 – we miss some of the incredible risk/ reward prospects, but options like Terrence Jones, Austin Rivers, or possibly Jared Sullinger could be great building blocks.

    We should go into the draft feeling great about our bigs:
    Gasol, Randolph, Davis, Cunningham/Arthur
    A potentially solid backcourt:
    Conley, Allen, Calderon, and….

    Depending on the Mayo situation which I imagine will be moved, the grizz could have a great lineup with a young up and coming SF (via Mayo trade) the pick at 8 and the pick at 25…

    I’m thinking likely Austin Rivers (Mayo2.0) or Terrence Jones (Gay2.0) with the 8 and the either Lamb or Arnett Moultrie if they are available…

    Rivers/ Jones could make instant impact in the right setting, as well as Lamb IMO.

    Conley/Calderon/ Selby
    Allen/ Rivers
    New SF/ Pondexter/ Cunningham
    Zbo/ Davis/ Cunningham
    Gasol/ New C/ Haddadi?

    Pretty solid.

    • ScottNo Gravatar says:

      Calderon is not necessary to make the deal work. Play with the ESPN trade machine. The Raptors only have to send out ~$3M to make any trade work.

  28. JdfNo Gravatar says:

    I watched quite a few raps games this year and I would go for that deal. I think ed davis would be able to take over zbo’s spot in 3 years without much production lost and james Johnson had a great year and showed flashes of what he could become. A lesser version of gerald wallace.(blocks per 48 was the same as dwights)!

  29. MattNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting words from Heisley yesterday denying ‘shopping’ Gay.

    A couple of things for Memphis fans to remember:

    1) he said he would not pay luxury and he wants to compete for championship? How does he do that keeping Gay but letting Mayo, Arthur, and/or Speights? Also how does competing work if the team gets less depth and does not address needs?

    2) your owner told Vancouver fans until blue in the face they were not leaving. He even went as far as to sing the Canadian national anthem before a game. The man is a business man and his word is worth nothing on all matters business related – and trading Rudy Gay is a business decision.

  30. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Oh well. So much for having salary room. Look for them selling their first round pick and letting mayo go for a future second rounder. Other than arthur coming back it wont be much different maybe a little worse with mayo gone.

  31. ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

    I’m in the “Don’t trade Rudy” camp. UNLESS YOU’RE GETTING Kidd-Gilchrist and Augustin from Charlotte, you don’t trade Rudy.A 25 year old, athletic swingman entering his prime that can create his own shot, hit the open shot and play above average defense and is capable of putting up 18-25 a night is a nice find. His only drawback is his contract. So unless we’re getting MKG and a Augustin from Charlotte, I’m against trading Rudy.

  32. […] this is pretty interesting article that i found Why Trade Rudy Gay | — A Memphis Grizzlies Fan Blog […]

  33. rudygay haterNo Gravatar says:


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