Closing The Chapter On Joerger

It was a wild turn of events for a relationship that seemed to be working out so well for both sides, at least on the ledger. Joerger, in his first coaching job in the NBA, was excelling with an admittedly outdated roster. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, were getting superior production out of their… Read more »

Jared Dubin

Episode 133 – 3SOB Radio 7/16/16 (Hour Two)

In the second hour, we chatted with Jared Dubin about the offseason, Summer League, and potential NBA trades. Hour 2 Play in new window | Download

Let's Get Weird

Episode 133 – 3SOB Radio 7/16/16 (Hour One)

In the first hour, we were joined in-studio by Ben Fulfer to discuss the Grizzlies’ signings and their season outlook. Hour 1 Play in new window | Download


Episode 132 – 3SOB Radio 7/9/16 (Hour Two)

In the second hour, we delved into the NBA offseason and Summer League. Second hour Play in new window | Download

Leigh Ellis thumbs up

Episode 132 – 3SOB Radio 7/9/16 (Hour One)

At the top of the show, we were joined by The Starters’ Leigh Ellis. First hour Play in new window | Download

Mike Conley Podium

The Right Moves

The Memphis Grizzlies were a team on the precipice of demise. Well, maybe demise is too strong a word, but they were certainly trending toward rebuild, and in Memphis, a team that competes for the upper tier of the Western Conference each and every season, rebuild and demise could be considered one in the same…. Read more »

Warriors Death Star Lineup

What’s the Point?

Unless you just returned from a “Cast Away”-style exile from a deserted island without your trusty volleyball (and if you did, thanks for making us one of your first stops), you probably already know that Kevin Durant, the former MVP and Oklahoma City Thunder superstar, is now headed to the Golden State Warriors to form… Read more »

Conley and Parsons

Things Happened

A few hours before free agency officially began, I talked about a few different options the Memphis Grizzlies would have in how to approach the frenzy while trying to build the most complete roster possible. Fortunately, Chris Wallace and his staff successfully took the best one and signed Chandler Parsons, re-signed Mike Conley, and then… Read more »

Chandler Parsons shooting

Grizzlies Reach Agreement with Unicorn

“We need a shooter. Why can’t we get a shooter? You know what this team really needs — more shooting.” Enter: Chandler Parsons That’s right, Grizz fans, your prayers have been answered (although many of them came through wailing and gnashing of teeth, so they were kind of hard to understand) because the Memphis Grizzlies… Read more »

Mike Conley Salute

Things. Are. Happening.

If you and I are friends, then you know the title of this is one of my favorite phrases. It’s simple, but meaningful. And, for the Memphis Grizzlies, it is true. Things. Are. Happening. The Draft One week ago, the Memphis Grizzlies snagged a playmaking combo guard from Vanderbilt with their own first-round draft pick… Read more »